ONLINE Information Services, Inc. started as a small merchant credit bureau located in Greenville, North Carolina in the 1950′s. It operated as an Equifax Affiliate credit bureau, mortgage reporting company and collection agency until 1997.

Technology led ONLINE to refocus company efforts from simply reporting past credit history, to providing tools that allow credit grantors to make better decisions now and into the future.

Today, ONLINE develops tools for the utility, water and sewer, rental, cable, telephone, automotive, retail trades, medical, and collections industries that help our clients make accurate credit decisions, reduce charge offs, recover bad debts, save time, and promote expanded profits.

ONLINE provides several industry-specific decision making tools, delivered via the internet, which are aimed at helping our clients assess the potential risk associated with doing business with a customer. ONLINE’s tools expose application fraud, return a deposit decision, and alert our users about debts in their specific industry.

If one of your customers does default on their obligations, ONLINE Collections can help. Our proprietary databases make us one of the most sophisticated collection agencies in the nation. We pride ourselves on the results that we can offer for the Utility, Property, and Medical industries, as well as other types of delinquent debts.

Exchange Advantage

ONLINE’s proprietary Exchange Advantage prevents customers from moving between service areas without paying you and your industry peers. This added layer of protection helps you prevent bad debt at the point of application by accurately assessing a deposit or making the correct leasing decision. And allows ONLINE to recover your bad debt on the back end by capturing and updating debtor contact information in real time.

The Exchange is designed to capture, track, and report industry specific payment history in real time from our members; this network was designed to eliminate your bad debt.

ONLINE is committed to your success and focused on one simple goal:

to eliminate your bad debt.