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The ONLINE Rental Exchange
Integrates Its Total Tenant-Screening Solution with Multifamily Housing Industry Technology Provider, 365 Connect.

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The Exchange Advantage™

ONLINE's proprietary Exchange creates a safety net that prevents customers from moving between service areas without paying you and your industry peers and helps you recover past-dues by capturing and updating debtor contact information in real time.

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Past Due Bill ONLINE Information Services, Inc. has one goal: to eliminate bad debt for our clients. We do this in two specific ways: point-of-application risk assessment and bad-debt recovery.

ONLINE provides several industry-specific decisioning tools, which we deliver via the Internet and are aimed at helping our clients assess the potential risk associated with doing business with a customer. ONLINE's tools expose application fraud, return a deposit decision, and alert our users about debts in their specific industry.

If one of your customers does default on their obligations, ONLINE Collections can help. Our proprietary databases make us one of the most sophisticated collection agencies in the nation. We pride ourselves on the results that we can offer for the Utility and Medical industries, as well as other types of delinquent debts.

Our Company

The company that is now ONLINE Information Services, Inc. started as a small merchant credit bureau located in downtown Greenville, North Carolina in the 1950's. It operated as a Equifax Affiliate credit bureau, mortgage reporting company and collection agency until 1997, when its Equifax credit reporting files were sold to Equifax.

Technology has led ONLINE to refocus company efforts from simply reporting past credit history, as we did when we were a credit bureau, to providing tools that allow credit grantors to make better decisions today and into the future.

Today, ONLINE Information Services, Inc. develops tools for the utility, rental, cable, water and sewer, telephone, automotive, retail trades and collections industry that help our clients make accurate credit decisions, save time, reduce charge offs, recover bad debts, and promote expanded profits.

ONLINE now serves customers in every state of the Union. Our growth has been dramatic, considering our humble beginnings. We are, ourselves, humbled by the awesome responsibilities and opportunity afforded by those who entrust us with their business. Every ONLINE employee understands that charge and is dedicated to prove our value to each and every client through their hard work and expertise.

  • Our philosophy is simple:
    to treat every customer like they are our most important customer.

  • Our approach is time honored:
    to treat every person we come in contact with the way we would want to be treated.

  • Our goal is singular:
    to eliminate your bad debt.

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The ONLINE Rental Exchange
Integrates Its Total Tenant-Screening Solution with Multifamily Housing Industry Technology Provider, 365 Connect.
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