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About our culture…

We have high standards for excellence. We work hard and enjoy our work. We value openness, honesty, and cooperation. We have long-term employees who love working at ONLINE Information Services. We think home life is as important as work life. We embrace change as part of business and do what needs to be done to keep our company at the forefront of the marketplace.

We asked some of our employees what they would tell a prospective job applicant about working here. Here are their responses:

“ONLINE’s business casual working environment allows everyone to feel comfortable while working in his or her specialty field.”

“ONLINE’s small company sizes is actually great because you can learn something new from everyone, everyday.”

“ONLINE is a great company to build your career experience regardless of your skill sets: Entry, Professional, Executive/Manager,etc.

“ONLINE has an awesome group of employee's with different backgrounds and we all feel like this is our 2nd family.”

“At ONLINE you can stop by and even sit down to speak with the President of the company. How cool is that!!! I am enjoying my time at OIS.”

The advertisement for my position asked if an applicant is interested in an environment where one is appreciated. Coming from a job where that is not the case, I have found that it is absolutely true. The company president regularly thanks employees for what they do…..and means it!!

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